Why Do YouTube Views Freeze At 301? (Video)

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Ever been on YouTube and noticed that a new video was displaying 301 views while having hundreds of comments or likes? or even disliked a top comment saying ‘Thumbs up if you’re the 301 viewer’ (yeah ’cause fuck that guy).
Well, that’s a pretty common thing that happens daily on the #1 video site in the world, YouTube.com and is subject of millions of (retarded) comments on our favorite video platform.

Brady Haran from Numberphile.com manage to get a hold of Ted Hamilton, Product Manager for YouTube Anaylitcs and got the proper answer to the question we’ve all been dying to know.. Why do YouTube views freeze at 301?

This gets a bit technical but it’s worth a watch.

Save a moron, share this video.

ps: Now someone make a video explaining the concept behind the ’1st!!’ comment …

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