R3hab: “It’s hard to make the best music”, Talks Remixes, Afrojack and more (Video)

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For having the chance to sit down with R3hab at Pacha NYC, we know that the Dutch EDM DJ and producer is an interesting and warm character.

The good folks over at Electronic Spotlight took him around the streets of Los Angeles before he went on dropping his Chainsaw Madness at LA’s famous Club Playhouse.

“It’s like a roller coaster ride.. good break down with a nice build and.. big drop!” so his R3hab’s music in his own words.

“it’s hard to make the best music,” he then explains saying it can be stressful to be a successful DJ/producer, “still a lot of fun” though.
Fadil El Ghoul – of his real name – also explains the process behind making remixes and especially his Lady Gaga remix Judas that put him on the mainstream map last year; working with Afrojack on Prutataaa which, like most of us, he explains “have no idea [what the title means].”

You will also learn that his mom wanted him to be a banker, “that didn’t work out” he jokingly says.

More in the video below.


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