Kaskade Releases FON Episode 4 – Homecoming

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“Those were the Freaks of Nature Tour tennis shoes”.
Kaskade is emotional as he packs his stuff up getting ready to go back home after a summer on the road.

“Huge moment for me personally .. in my career .. so many people were so supportive and fans came out and made pretty much each and every show special,” says the American DJ and EDM producer over his “Stars Troll” single playing in the background.

The man is emotional and so is his team. It was a huge summer as he describes it and everyone seems to agree. Kaskade took over every major venue in every market you can think of before having one of the biggest Electronic Music show ever in Los Angeles – he included some of that footage in the video, see pic above.

“It’s a wrap man.. this is it.”
last show in Vancouver.. time for the freaks to go home.

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