Kaskade Focuses On The Freaks In Episode 3 Of ‘Freaks Of Nature’ Tour Videos

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For the third episode of his web video series covering his Freaks of Nature Tour, Kaskade takes us deep into his world.

While focusing mainly on the freaks joining the experience, the American DJ and electronic music producer also shows more intimate moments with his kids.

“It’s totally incredible so far, all these freaks come out .. people get so into it, you know dressing up and playing the part, it makes it totally different. It flips the vibe it makes it that much more intense,” candidly explains Kaskade, “They are the reason it’s working.. they’re the reason I do this.”

Follow him as he takes over Charlotte, Atlanta, Tampa as well as Miami, which was “the biggest stop on the tour so far. 10,000 people, sold out a week ago,” he tells the camera adding he was only able to sell an extra 1,000 tickets after reworking the crowd setup.

Don’t miss Kaskade in your city, he only has a few more shows to go.

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