Deadmau5 Takes You Behind The Scenes ‘Professional Griefers’ Video Shoot

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“You guys are officialy part of the highest budget electronic music video of all time,” said Deadmau5 on the set of his new music video to about 2,000 fans who joined the video shoot to get to participate and be seen in their favorite EDM artist’s video.

You’ve seen the sneak peek, now the Canadian artist reveals how the 2-day shoot went as he took over Los Angeles to shoot the official music video for his new single Professional Griefers“.

“You know I don’t do videos, right? So if you gonna do one video you gonna do it right”

The song which he played live at Lollapalooza, had Deadmau5 bring out the big guns. Biggest budget ever, 2,000 fans participating in a mini-show where even Gerard Way came out to perform his vocals, 2 months of post-prod and animations .. Be prepared for a big release this August 29th.

The song is part of > album title goes here < out for download September 25th.

“These guys can put this [stage] together in like 5hrs, but it takes 16 contractors 8 months to do my studio.. heyyy someone’s about to get the axe!

Professional Griefers (Vocal Mix) [feat. Gerard Way] - Single - Deadmau5

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