David Guetta: “I like the idea of making the perfect album”

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David Guetta recently released Nothing But the Beat 2.0 – which is more than the usual deluxe re-release as Guetta explains:
“originally EMI asked me to do a repack and it was gonna be 1 or 2 tracks [...] I got caught in the game and got so excited about making new music that [I finally made] 7 new records.”

The French DJ who just won Favorite EDM artist at the AMA also explains how he met Sia and how She Wolf came together, even explaining the video you’ve seen.

“It makes me wanna work even more with people that are not necesseraily super famous, but I have to find them and that takes time,” he adds.

Addressing the access to technology and the fact that creating record got a lot easier, Guetta is not worried.. “it takes a long time and a lot of experience to make a record sound fat.”

He talks working with Taped Rai, Akon, Ne-Yo, NERVO and much more. Check out the full interview in the video below.

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