A DJ’s Worst Nightmare

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Some enjoy Pacha, some DJ at EDC, most dream of Tomorrowland, so obviously .. someone gotta take care of the dirty work..
You would think that a hot collab like Electro Dude with Dutch lord Chuckie would get you even hotter gigs.. guess it takes more. Glowinthedark, sorry, but it was your turn to pick up the sloppy gigs.
The Dutch duo ended up on the boring island of Ibiza at what seems like the worst party one could be at.

Playboy bunnies, vodka bottles the size of Mighty Mike, finest House music .. all that on the private beach of Blue Marlin .. paid by Hugh Hefner .. the way to the top is not as easy as one would believe..

Check out what an awful time they had.

Glowinthedark at Playboy Party at Blue Marlin Ibiza 2012

more painful pics

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