Album Review: Adrian Lux – “Adrian Lux”

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In brief:

- Release date: April 3rd 2012
- Number of tracks: 12 (perfect)
- Length: 37.5mns (a bit short)
- Style: Progressive
- Price: $9.99
- If you can’t afford the full album: Angels, Silence, Alive, Fire.
- Skrillex would rape that remix: Angels
- Also call: Axwell (All I Ever Wanted) and Steve Aoki (Can’t Sleep)
- Already released: Alive, Fire
- We need a video: Boy (ft. Rebecca & Fiona)
- Stadium status: All I Ever Wanted
- On repeat: Angels
- We could do without: Leave The World Behind (Remix)
- Should you download it? Yes! iTunes, Beatport

If you like to read:

Adrian Lux first began to gain recognition with his smash hit Teenage Crime, following that up with Boy, and most recently Fire.

We at Just Do Hits had the pleasure over here to check out Adrian’s self-titled debut “Adrian Lux”, and it’s safe to say that this young up-and-comer will definitely be around for a while.

The album features vocals from the likes of Rebecca & Fiona, Lune, Dante and throughout the entire Album, it’s easy to notice Adrian’s ability to combine electronic dance music with pop vocals that can keep you dancing the night away, or even entertain you on a long drive.

Not much bad can be said about this album, so if any, we would point out the Bonus Track, which is his rendition of Leave the World Behind. Adrian took a risk remixing such a classic track and even though the remix stays consistent with the overall feel of the album we think that his take on it couldn’t replace the feeling we got from the original.

Aside from this, the album is very enjoyable; it’s a fine and smooth balance between EDM and Pop, so expect it to get some airplay in places you may not expect.

Adrian Lux – Angels
[audio: angels.mp3]

The other thing to mention is that almost every song on this album is just SCREAMING to be remixed. So far we’ve heard remixes of many of the tracks from Axwell, Basto, Hardwell, and R3hab, so it would be awesome to see an album of Remixes come out in the future as well.

Adrian Lux is a very talented young individual, and everyone at JDH is looking forward to what he has in store for the coming year. If this album is any indication of what is to come, we have a lot to look forward to.

Rating: (8/10)

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