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As I’m writing this, Facebook is currently releasing Timeline to everyone.

Timeline is a complete redesign of your Facebook profile and includes the new features of interest here, Apps and Ticker.

Apps will allow you to share what you read, listen to, or watch on your favorite sites with your friends in an easier way. Through ticker, all that information will appear directly and in real time on your friends pages.

Facebook ticker DJ Smile
Ticker – Click to enlarge

bullet point Why Logging in?

bullet point Get recommended content via the new Recommendations Bar

bullet point Automatically share articles you read.

This is not a Like. It will appear on your timeline through the form of a News box broadcasting the latest article you read here on JustDoHits (the box also includes articles read on other sites you authorized by logging in). I still advise you to Like a post for a more prominent share with your friends.

facebook news box justdohits timeline dj smile
News Box – Click to enlarge

bullet point How does it work?

bullet point You only log on once, it will remember you.

bullet point After 20s and once you reach the bottom of the blog, it will consider it as read and post it on the ticker and in the News box of your profile page.

bullet point The Recommendation Bar will then appear at the bottom right of your screen recommending you another post.

Recommendation Bar justdohits blog
Recommendation Bar - Click To Enlarge

bullet point Privacy

bullet point I do NOT get access to your personal information. I just want you to get a better experience with recommendations and share easily with your friends.

bullet point If you don’t want your friends to see what you are reading here, 2 solutions for now:

bullet point You can remove the post directly on your Facebook profile

bullet point Log out of your Facebook profile while browsing the site

Feel free to check back as I will update this post based on new features Facebook releases and that I implement on the site.

If that still doesn’t make sense, feel free to contact me I’d be more than happy to answer your questions.

Post written on December 11th 2011.

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