Deadmau5 Reacts To Simon Cowell’s X Factor Style DJ Search

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As reported yesterday, Simon Cowell is about to start an X Factor style DJ search and while some are screaming Sacrilege!, world-known and respected DJ/Producer Deadmau5 took his Facebook to blog a different point of view on the matter.

Deadmau5 blog to voice his opinion on X Factor Style DJ Search announce

Explaining that “EDM has been deemed fashionable these days to warrant it’s own long overdue primetime slot to the masses” the DJ explains he can’t go against it knowing that this “is going to catapult the awareness of EDM through the roof.”
Based on his personal experience, he ads,
“A few years ago, I felt i was in this spot that was just not going anywhere… i’ve played virtually every major nightclub in the world, and of course i felt very accomplished… but at the same time, i thought… well shit! this is it? now what? what happens after this?”

Deadmau5 then describes how he was forced to reinvent himself, which ultimately led to his amazing new show that ‘cube’ SHOW type thing implying this can only bring more competition and therefore, a better end result for us, the fans — The canadian superstar concludes by adding
“As for the rest of the artists out there hoping to keep theyre non-eveolving ideas afloat by doing the same things over and over and over again… well… good luck.”
..Man down!

This is a very interesting read and I couldn’t agree more with him, so take a few minutes and head over here to read the blog in its entirety.

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