Baauer & Mad Decent Records Sued For Uncleared Sample for ‘Harlem Shake’

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Two artists are going after Baauer demanding compensation for samples he used for his hit/Internet sensation, Harlem Shake.”
Retried reggaeton musician Hector Delgado and Philly rapper Jayson Musson are looking to Mad Decent Records to provide payment for their role in the track.

Delgado can be heard on the track singing ‘Con los terroristas,’ while Musson, who performed in the rap collective Plastic Little, is the voice behind the track’s key phrase ‘Do the Harlem Shake,’ according to the New York times.

According to Musson, Mad Decent is working to provide fair compensation and he’s already in talks with the label. “Mad Decent have been more than cooperative during this,” Musson told the New York Times.

Delgado, now a preacher in Porto Rico, explained that he was surprised to hear his voice on Baauer’s track and added that he wasn’t too happy to hear that his voice had been used. “It’s almost like they came on my land and built a house,” said Delgado.

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