Osunlade – Saturday Night Special (Mix)

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Osunlade just posted this new mix he compiled himself.

Not sure if that’s the kind of house I want for my Saturday nights but any other day will do! Check it out, really dope mix of deep house. Have a download.

Playlist after the break.

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01 Akufen – “Installation”
02 Nico Imai – “Hours Later”
03 Marsha Ambrosius – “With You’” (Yoruba Soul Mix)
04 Tony Lionni – “Take Yo Time”
05 Hallex M – “Oki”
06 Tumelo – “Release Yourself”
07 Juilus Papp – “Dame Mas”
08 Pawel – “Panamerican (Yoruba Soul Mix)
09 Zakes Bantwini – “Clap Your Hands”
10 St Germain – “Rose Rouge” (Rose 2 Red 2009 Mix)
11 Youanewan – “Jigsaw”

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